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Taste Wisconsin Festival

Taste Wisconsin & Stomp Fest are a combined event this year on Sept. 14th.

A Meat Raffle will also be held that day as well. The event will be from 12-4 pm.

The “Taste Wisconsin®” Festival features an array of Wisconsin-based small businesses showcasing their foods, drinks, artisanal crafts, and other goods and services. It is an excellent opportunity to sample and purchase Wisconsin-made products from a diverse mix of Wisconsin local businesses. The event will feature a festive vibe, including music, games, and cotton candy for the children.

Shaun Lapacek, Rock N Wool Winemaker and owner is excited to continue this festival this year, which debuted in 2021. “We are proud to invite everyone to enjoy an afternoon of wine- tasting, and sampling of other local food and drink options,” said Lapacek. “We look forward to gathering outdoors to celebrate the wonderful contributions of Wisconsin small businesses.”

Rock N Wool Winery is one of the only wineries in Wisconsin that grows, produces and bottles wines exclusively made from Wisconsin-grown grapes. The Winery has won “Best Winery” in the “People’s Choice” Award contest by the Wisconsin State Journal, multiple times.

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