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Rock N Wool Winery.

A Wisconsin Winery.

A Family Winery.

Message from the Winemaker:

I believe in Wine. I love that it tells a story of Us. My parents (David & Peggy) bought these 40 acres in the mid-eighties and raised sheep. The soil is very rocky. I bet you understand the name now. Vines love drainage(rocky soil again) and I love wine so a dream was fashioned. I thought about wine while my father and his friend Bill See built this winery inside our 100-year-old plus barn. I met my beautiful wife Maria soon after. I thought about wine and she gave birth to our daughters, Nadia Jo and Hannah Jo. We never dreamed the winery would be anything more than a weekend hobby, but that was not to be. We sold out of wine our first 3 years so I bought the property and moved to Poynette full time with my family. I was lucky enough to make some great friends up here and while they help with bottling and harvest, well../ think about wine. With each year that passes, I meet so many wonderful people who believe as I do that “Wine is Magic” and that our little winery tells all of our stories. My new friends come and purchase my wine while I think about…what a lucky man I am.

“Taste Wisconsin”


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